The Founder and Director of a Mumbai -based Media Terminal Private Limited, Alisha Chandrakar is another inspiring business lady. Her company handles all kinds of events, celebrities, PR & Promotion, and content creation. She also owns a massive content creation studio in Mumbai.

Media Terminal is unquestionably making a sensational buzz within the industry. The organization is giving exposure to several young enthusiasts, artists, and journalists.

Alisha Chandrakar is the proud owner of the Media Terminal as she believes that hard work definitely pays off.

Now, allow us to place some light weight on her achievements. Miss Alisha Chandrakar was recently awarded the title Mumbai Achievers award for the best PR and red carpet of the year. In Dubai she won the bazaar award for celebrity management, she has hosted the red carpet in Dubai, and has also hosted many prestigious awards like Dada Saheb Phalke Awards .she has also interviewed many celebrities and politicians. Today her company Media terminal is doing great work in the Bollywood field. Alisha forever believed that if there’s daring bravery in your heart, nobody will stop you from achieving milestones. With this aspiration, she’s set an associate degree example to develop herself and uplift others too.

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