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Alisha Chandrakar Startup Media Terminal touching new heights every day

The Founder and Director of a Mumbai -based Media Terminal Private Limited, Alisha Chandrakar is another inspiring business lady. Her company handles all kinds of events, celebrities, PR & Promotion, and content creation. She also owns a massive content creation studio in Mumbai.

Media Terminal is unquestionably making a sensational buzz within the industry. The organization is giving exposure to several young enthusiasts, artists, and journalists.

Alisha Chandrakar is the proud owner of the Media Terminal as she believes that hard work definitely pays off.

Now, allow us to place some light weight on her achievements. Miss Alisha Chandrakar was recently awarded the title Mumbai Achievers award for the best PR and red carpet of the year. In Dubai she won the bazaar award for celebrity management, she has hosted the red carpet in Dubai, and has also hosted many prestigious awards like Dada Saheb Phalke Awards .she has also interviewed many celebrities and politicians. Today her company Media terminal is doing great work in the Bollywood field. Alisha forever believed that if there’s daring bravery in your heart, nobody will stop you from achieving milestones. With this aspiration, she’s set an associate degree example to develop herself and uplift others too.

SRK knocks with the First Look of PATHAN.

Today, on June 25th, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has completed his 30 years in the film industry. He debuted his film career with “Deewana,” which was released in 1992. The actor impressed fans on his social media with the first-look poster of his character from the upcoming film “Pathan,” on the occasion of celebrating his 30 years. The film was directed by Siddharth Anand and produced by Yash Raj Films. It also features Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in pivotal roles.

Shah Rukh Khan fans, rejoice! The actor finally unveiled the first teaser of his upcoming film ‘Pathan’ on Tuesday on social media. Although the teaser only shows Khan’s silhouette briefly and features his co-actors John Abraham and Deepika Padukone prominently, the teaser is enough to excite fans of the superstar who have been waiting eagerly for the actor’s new film.

What Better Way To View Fashion Than Through The Eyes of an Illustrator

Rukhsaar Khan was born and brought up in the small city of Uttar Pradesh but always has a dream of being a fashion designer/illustrator.

She got her inspiration from her father who was a great artist of that time. He painted so many films cover and got an appreciation for his work from some Bollywood celebs. Supported by her father she started drawing and got many prizes in school and college.

She is an inspiration for many people who want to do anything for themselves no matter what their age is. Just follow your passion and polish your talent. Everyone has some talent only need to figure it out.

After marriage, the responsibilities took over and she got busy looking after her family. A little spark occurs in lockdown when everyone was free and finding new hobbies, she polished her old passion for drawing.
Inspired by many models she started to draw illustrations of dresses. Initially, it took a lot of time and effort but she never gave up, then she created a page on Instagram @vantagecreations which now has 2k+family and 300 posts. She met many other talented people virtually and now she also works professionally for some designers.

Always Smile and Shine Even At Your Darkest! Let Your Soul Glow

Glorianne is passionate about Thriving Diversity, Inclusion, Sustainability, Innovation, and Humanitarian aid. As a CSR Champion, she had engaged with 20 more projects from a Private/Semi-Government for Funun Group, Dake Rechsand, Light It Forward UAE, Project Gateway, AMLAK, and STALCO for over 20 years of Legal, Strategic, Sales, Media/PR, HR & Finance experience in a diverse organization associated in marketing, media, finance and banking industries from Philippines, Singapore, Oman, and UAE. This entrepreneur believes in empowering others to motivate people. Loves building relationships, a dog lover, kids, and elderly care.

[3M+ Views] Glass Khaali New Song by Pratibha Sharma

glass khaali new song by pratibha sharma

Pratibha Sharma is from Delhi, based in Muscat now. Her passion for music has been with her since she was a child and have learned Hindustani classical. She shifted to Mumbai to pursue her passion and dream to become a professional singer and launch her own original songs and create a niche for herself.
Her first song Pasand Aaya was released by Zee Music and crossed a million.

pratibha sharma with her team
pratibha sharma with her team

Her second original “Glass Khali” was released on Tuesday and is featuring the Kanta Laga girl Shefali Jariwala with the ever handsome Ankit Siwach. It’s a party song and will surely make you groove.
There are a few more projects that will release soon.

glass kaali new song poaster
glass kaali new song poaster

Glass Khaali crossed 3 million in just 24 hours and the team is really excited. The review of the song is awesome and will surely make everyone groove

Grand Launch Of “Red Carpet” By Gauri Preetam Kumar In Bazar Fashion Week

Born in Jaipur, the city of palaces & the pink city of the world, Gauri Preetam Kumar who has made her solidification in the field of Fashion & Modeling, is all set to launch the latest collection of her brand, the “Red Carpet” at the grand Bazar Fashion Week in Dubai.

She is a standout newcomer to the fashion world who has already achieved a slew of notable achievements as a businesswoman. From a young age, she dreamed about concepts for glitzy, snazzy apparel. She did, however, take an uncommon route to this goal. She completed her tertiary studies in India, hoping to make those early fantasies a reality one day.


Since 2020, Gauri, who began her career in costume design, has been hard at work developing and crafting her debut collection. Gauri was recently honored with the UAE Entrepreneur SHE award in 2021, and she is now well on her way to launching her label in the field of glamour and elegance with the goal of reviving the luxury fashion market.


She will unveil the first exclusive and thrifty collection RW21 by her brand “Red Carpet”, which is both exhilarating and affordable at one of the most astonishing platforms in Dubai, the Bazar Fashion Week.

Miss, Missus & Mister Universal Queen & Sultan will also be hosted on the same platform & will be attended by the famous thriving actors Aftab Shivdasani, Aditi Govitrikar & Mehek Chahal, and many other celebrities.

“Red Carpet” is an approachable luxury that feels current without succumbing to fashion pitfalls. Red Carpet (RC) is a concept that focuses on the freedom to wear distinct, contemporary, and vivid concepts. The label is known for its unique and imaginative approach to fashion. Gauri’s major source of inspiration in her inaugural collection is wildlife and the environment.


The brand creates a rich and contemporary take on women’s clothes by fusing high fashion, exoticism, and modern art. The clothing is wearable but one-of-a-kind, and they are crafted by excellent craftsmen, reflecting the brand’s artisanal approach to fashion creation.

The designer label features a wide choice of sophisticated clothes that are suited for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, all of which are designed to fit perfectly and reflect your innate charm. This brand strives to address each fashion line with eternal design, grace, and elegance in mind, ensuring that you look gorgeous on any occasion, whether you’re looking for the perfect prom dress, homecoming gown, evening gown, or pageant gown.

Gauri Preetam Kumar

#SAFARNAMA – Women Don’t Have Attitude, They Have Standards

A torn page from a dreamer’s diary…

I never believed in luck. It felt like silence on a noisy morning as if a breeze was going to change its course after a decade. Years of hard work were calling my name on the stage and I was there, somewhere in the middle of the crowd. I tried to reach them for my reward but couldn’t move my feet and it was in a jiffy they declared my name unavailable.

That was the day, I decided I had to be the reason for the crowd not a part of it. It was a new beginning, the beginning of a time I was dreaming about. I never said it was going to be easy, I never expected that it would give me a fortune. It was just a spark from the inside. Something in years I wanted to do, somewhere in the winds I heard my name again and that was the beginning of my journey chasing my dreams, not as a chaser among a bunch of other folks but as a dreamer, lost somewhere in the winds of time. I never really knew how the world was going. I never realized how I could do it all, I was just a dreamer with a fist ready to run on the hot sand barefoot. No matter how much I have to push, that force is going to come back as success and that’s where I named it ‘Safarnama’.

Traveling became me and I became a wanderer until one guy asked me to pose for him and promote his hard work. I was into it, like a smile on the face of an infant for the first time. They really don’t know what they are doing, it just comes out as an outcome of that Happiness they feel for the first time. I was there, flawless like I wanted to be the face of the wind. I was just a vlogger but then something knocked on my door and I believed in myself for the first time. It was the beginning of my modeling and my vlogging. I had to choose one of them, so I became one and chose the other. I was a modelogger that day, answering the knock of possibilities. It was the day I dreamt of being me again. Because that infant who smiled at some thought was no one else but me because that was the day I was born again and that was the moment I smiled for the first time in years, not from the lips but from the heart…

This is #Safarnama
The story of my Passion.