A torn page from a dreamer’s diary…

I never believed in luck. It felt like silence on a noisy morning as if a breeze was going to change its course after a decade. Years of hard work were calling my name on the stage and I was there, somewhere in the middle of the crowd. I tried to reach them for my reward but couldn’t move my feet and it was in a jiffy they declared my name unavailable.

That was the day, I decided I had to be the reason for the crowd not a part of it. It was a new beginning, the beginning of a time I was dreaming about. I never said it was going to be easy, I never expected that it would give me a fortune. It was just a spark from the inside. Something in years I wanted to do, somewhere in the winds I heard my name again and that was the beginning of my journey chasing my dreams, not as a chaser among a bunch of other folks but as a dreamer, lost somewhere in the winds of time. I never really knew how the world was going. I never realized how I could do it all, I was just a dreamer with a fist ready to run on the hot sand barefoot. No matter how much I have to push, that force is going to come back as success and that’s where I named it ‘Safarnama’.

Traveling became me and I became a wanderer until one guy asked me to pose for him and promote his hard work. I was into it, like a smile on the face of an infant for the first time. They really don’t know what they are doing, it just comes out as an outcome of that Happiness they feel for the first time. I was there, flawless like I wanted to be the face of the wind. I was just a vlogger but then something knocked on my door and I believed in myself for the first time. It was the beginning of my modeling and my vlogging. I had to choose one of them, so I became one and chose the other. I was a modelogger that day, answering the knock of possibilities. It was the day I dreamt of being me again. Because that infant who smiled at some thought was no one else but me because that was the day I was born again and that was the moment I smiled for the first time in years, not from the lips but from the heart…

This is #Safarnama
The story of my Passion.

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