Rukhsaar Khan was born and brought up in the small city of Uttar Pradesh but always has a dream of being a fashion designer/illustrator.

She got her inspiration from her father who was a great artist of that time. He painted so many films cover and got an appreciation for his work from some Bollywood celebs. Supported by her father she started drawing and got many prizes in school and college.

She is an inspiration for many people who want to do anything for themselves no matter what their age is. Just follow your passion and polish your talent. Everyone has some talent only need to figure it out.

After marriage, the responsibilities took over and she got busy looking after her family. A little spark occurs in lockdown when everyone was free and finding new hobbies, she polished her old passion for drawing.
Inspired by many models she started to draw illustrations of dresses. Initially, it took a lot of time and effort but she never gave up, then she created a page on Instagram @vantagecreations which now has 2k+family and 300 posts. She met many other talented people virtually and now she also works professionally for some designers.

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